The Spaces Between: Конкурс Городских идей

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Период проведения: 27.01.2013 - 04.06.2013

Крайний срок подачи материалов: 20.04.2013

Взнос: без регистрационного взноса

Статус : активный

Тип: для всех


Условия участия

The competition is open to everyone. Entrants are encouraged to form design groups with a varied composition of experts in any of the fields related to the built environment. Members of the jury, their business partners, and close relatives are excluded from the competition. All persons who have participated in the preparation work of the competition are also excluded. The competition organiser decides any exclusion matters.


SixtyNine Seventy invites design teams from around the world to re-envision the circulation areas and passages of two blocks in Salt Lake City’s downtown. The entrants will prepare comprehensive ideas for these in-between spaces, developing them into the connective tissue linking the area’s cultural amenities.

Формат подачи материала

NARRATIVE • 1000 words or less • DOC file that is named after the entry number (example: 0001.doc) DRAWINGS • Site plan, sections, visualizations BOARDS • 2 presentation boards with entry number in the lower left corner • Boards must be 36" x 36" mounted boards *Please refer to RESOURCES at for local printing options. DIGITAL COPIES • High resolution digital copies of boards (300 dpi, RGB mode) • Image files must be named after the entry number (example: 0001-1.jpg) • Finalists will be required to submit a web version of board for the People's Choice Award PHYSICAL MODELS (OPTIONAL) • The model must be at 1"=60' scale • No larger than 36" X 36" x 36" • Not to exceed 50 lbs. (The competition organizers will not be responsible for damaged or lost models) ANIMATION (OPTIONAL) • Animations must be HD 1280x720 in MPG format, not to exceed 20MB

Призовой фонд

$120,000 поделят в три премии: Премия Жюри - $40,000 Премия Жюри - $40,000 Приз зрительских симпатий- $40,000


Salt Lake City Downtown Alliance и the Young Architects Forum


Gregg Pasquarelli Cathy Lang Ho Cesar Pelli FAIA, RIBA, JIA Philip Beesley Ben McAdams и другие

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